Work With Us

Morpheus is an international network of designers providing services of design, modeling and production for everyday users. We connect designers with users interested in recreating objects with strong emotional connection. Using a unique streamlined interface of co-creation, the users provide photos and designers respond with a 3d rendered model that is capable of being sent directly to production. Once approved, design is sent to production and shipped to the customer.

User profiles

The average user will be a non - designer with very limited knowledge in design or production. They will be highly sensitive to their object or memory of it and will trust you to reproduce it. Depending on the complexity of the initial interaction, we expect the user to have a high willingness to pay, if they trust your abilities.

Skills Requirements

  • English communication skills
  • Strong capabilities in a 3D modeling software such as solid works, rhino, gemvision, etc.
  • Understanding of form and design periods and ability to translate a 2d image to a 3d object.
  • Experience with entire process of jewelry making using 3D modeling, including knowledge of casting process and after-casting processing
  • Experience in working with private customers and willingness to work with them
  • You will be communicating directly with the customers and it is necessary for the Morpheus brand that you cater to their needs with a good attitude
  • Working relationship with established manufacturers
  • Rendering capabilities for communication with end user
  • Willingness to provide us access to your online portfolio

Schedule and Fees

If interested please use the join our network button at the bottom of the page. Once we approve your application in our network we will offer your talents to our customers. After we match you with a customer, you will review the request and assess its feasibility and determine your price. When quoting, you should consider all costs including: labor, materials, number of expected iterations and shipping from the manufacturer to you. We expect you to do the QA and any post production work. Once a price is agreed upon, the customer will deposit their payment in an Escrow account held by us, and you will be paid once the work is complete.